Things to Remember When Shopping for a Computer Service

When your computer crashes, who do you call? Here are a few tips from Power PC to help you shop for the best computer services in Kennesaw.

Error Messages

Before you start shopping for a professional computer repair service, it’s important to log your computer issues. When you experience a problem with your computer, make a note of the time. Did an error message appear? Write down any error codes or messages that appear on your screen along with` any websites or programs you were using at the time of the incident. You can actually take a picture of your screen by hitting the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard when an error occurs. Pull up the “Paint” program that comes standard on most computers and paste the picture onto the drawing area. Save the image as a JPEG and show this picture to your technician when they arrive.

Online Reviews

Most people begin their search for computer technicians on sites like Google, Angie’s List, or the Better Business Bureau. Here you’ll find reviews and experiences from previous customers that'll give you valuable insight into your prospective computer repair company. The Better Business Bureau actually rates companies based on their abilities to resolve customer service issues on their third-party forum. Negative reviews can’t be erased or changed unless the client is satisfied.


As you narrow down your list of possible candidates, reach out to them via email or phone. If you call them on the phone, do you get a voicemail or an actual person? How quickly do they respond to emails? Do they have an office where you can drop off your computer or do they make house calls? When it comes to typing an important paper, or monitoring your online business, you need a computer repair service that'll fix your problem fast and help you get back on the information superhighway.

Business Credentials

Before any work is done on your computer or network, ask for a business license and insurance. A business license ensures that your technician is up to date on the latest standards in the industry while insurance protects you and your property in the event a technician damages your device.

Whether you need help setting up a network or remote computer repair in Kennesaw, a little research will help you find the best repair technician for your needs.