The Choice Between Onsite and Offsite Computer Services

As a business trying to make the most of your time and money, whenever you have a technical question or a computer need, you may not know whether offsite or onsite computer services in Marietta are the best option for you. Consider these differences in helping you decide what is right for your business.

Offsite Computer Consulting

Offsite computer consultants often operate in a more freelance capacity, much like a customer service representative for a company. In the event of a technical issue, an offsite consultant may need to troubleshoot an issue with you over the phone. Sometimes an IT representative can get remote access when granted to help set up a specific program or solve a particularly tricky issue on a computer. If an individual is doing so outside of your business or office network, they may not have the kind of security access needed in order to do so, or there may be a need to modify a system’s security in order to enable secure remote access.

Onsite Computer Consulting

Direct access and in-person communication can cancel out any potential confusion surrounding a specific issue. Instead of over the phone or email directed messaging, your IT representative can speak with you in person, have inside access to your business network, and even physically steer your computer through certain needed updates or fixes. This direct access to help can remove any ambiguity or additional confusion that can come from communicating vague and nuanced technical issues and proposed solutions, taking some of the headache, confusion, and error out of the troubleshooting process. This can result in greater employee satisfaction and an overall sense of confidence about being able to navigate technical issues whenever they arise.

Offsite and onsite computer services in Marietta are different paths to the same goal. Consider what it is that your particular situation needs and consider the facts to determine which route would really be the best for you to take in the short-term and the long-term.