Everything You Need to Know about Remote PC Services

Tech support has come a long way since the early days of computer ownership. Before remote support, you had to call the manufacturer and sit on the phone for a few hours while the technician on the other end attempted to talk you through the long, complicated debugging process. When they couldn’t help you troubleshoot hardware issues, they’d blame the software and tell you to call the developer. Remote PC support in Kennesaw has completely changed the way you handle computer issues, whether you're at home or at the office.

What Are Remote Desktop Services?

Remote desktop services (RDS) incorporate advanced security and support software to allow qualified technicians remote access to your computer and network. When you have a problem with your computer and need help troubleshooting, you can call tech support and grant them access to your computer so they can help resolve your issue faster. Instead of scheduling a technician to come out to your home or lugging your hard drive to the nearest computer shop, you can get faster tech support with remote desktop software that's standard on most modern operating systems.

Determining Your Support Needs

Remote support is incredibly convenient when it comes to fixing basic software issues like removing malware, slow processing, connecting peripherals, and optimization. Some major problems, however, may require an in-home visit or a trip to your local computer repair shop. If you're unable to access the internet or if your computer won't turn on, remote access won't be an option for you. For Windows operators, serious issues like the “blue screen of death” will likely require a hands-on repair approach. So long as you're able to turn on your device, log into your network, and access the internet, remote support is a viable option for most repair jobs.

Finding a PC Repair Company

When it comes to hiring a PC repair company, whether you need remote support or hands-on repair, Power PC recommends starting your search online. An online search for remote computer support in Kennesaw will probably yield hundreds of results. Check the reviews for these companies on Google, Angie’s List, or the Better Business Bureau. Pay careful attention to how businesses respond to and resolve negative reviews. Before any work is performed on your computer verify the company’s business license and insurance to avoid a repair scam.