5 Things You Should Ask On-Site Computer Repair Technicians

There are plenty of reasons to hire a computer repair expert instead of replacing a computer that stopped working with a new one. Computer repairs are usually cheaper, and it's also the environmentally friendly solution. But hiring a good computer technician isn't as easy as it may sound. Therefore, here are 5 things you should ask computer technicians before they start working on your machine.

Ask about Credentials

There are many different types of credentials available for computer repair services. Generally, credentials and certifications are highly vendor-specific. A certificate for Windows operating software won't help much on a Mac. Most product certifications get outdated rather quickly as products get upgraded. Nevertheless, certifications can show than the expert is keeping up with new technology.

Look for Experience and References

Experience is usually worth more than certifications. And the best way to verify previous experience is to call references. A computer repair technician without satisfied customers is either just starting out in the business or not the best person to hire. But getting a list of references is only helpful if you actually verify the references.

Check Rates

Before you let anyone do work for you, you should check their rates. Many technicians charge an hourly rate; others charge a flat fee. It's a good idea to negotiate a max amount or time to allow the technician to diagnose the problem. At that point, they should be able to tell you what's wrong with the computer and how much time and money it will take to fix it.

Ask about Data Protection

You'll want the computer technician to keep your data safe. If all of your files, preferences, and saved sites get deleted in the process, that's not helpful. Fortunately, all you have to do is ask them how they handle preliminary data backup. An experienced computer repair technician should have proper backup procedures in place.

Learn about Follow-up Support

In case there's something wrong with your computer after you've had it repaired, you need to know what to do in case of a problem. For example, if the issue is only fixed temporarily and returns a few days later, what kind of service can you expect from the technician? Will they guarantee their work for a certain amount of time?

Understanding how your computer repair is handled is very important before you hire on-site computer repair in Marietta. After all, if you're going to pay for repairs, you should make sure that your computer gets fixed without paying more than you would for a replacement.

If you need immediate computer support, the best way to avoid a lemon would be looking it over in person - come by Power PC today!