Computer Services

    If you are looking for computer systems services like computer repair, hardware upgrade or data recovery, then rely on Power PC located in Marietta, GA and Kennesaw GA. Our staff has experience in various aspects such as installation and maintenance of computer systems and computer networks. We insure high quality service at a reasonable price.

    Our In-Store and On-Site Services Include:

    *Additional Fees May Apply

    Before & After - screen repair done here at Power PC Our Remote Services Include:

    • Limited Virus/Spyware Removal

    • Setting up Printers

    • Setting up Email

    • Limited Troubleshooting (Full Troubleshooting Capability Available in Store or on Site)

    • Minor Tutorials


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    We offer new as well as refurbished laptops and PCs. At our store you will find i3 systems, i5 systems and i7 systems. Visit us today!

    *For all services we provide backups of customer's data.

    *Backup data is only stored at PowerPC for 2 weeks, otherwise the customer must contact us, to extend the holding period.

    Click here for MalwareBytes Tutorial from Power PC.